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Customer feedback is important during various phases of product development. Customer input can shape a product's design and ensure market acceptance. Thorough evaluations during beta testing can help eliminate quality issues and improve product functionality.

By providing comprehensive evaluation information faster and more effectively, VOConline solutions help you improve customer satisfaction, quality, reinforce your brand and reputation, and reduce the cost of service and warranty programs.

Software-as-Service - VOConline offers VOC Feedback ServerTM, a hosted and secure solution, for customers who wish to manage their own beta programs. VOConline provides comprehensive training in the use of the software and best practices so that you may be able to get the best possible results from your programs. This solution is offered in the form of an annual subscription service.

Managed Beta Programs - This is an outsource solution for customers who want VOConline's experienced team of Program Managers to manage the entire beta testing process. VOConline manages the entire process from start to finish: working with the customer to develop goals for the program, profiling and recruiting the evaluators, developing surveys and test requirements, managing the feedback process, providing first-line technical support and finally providing an analysis of the feedback collected.

Comparative Programs - VOConline offers this Managed Program to customers who are interested in learning how their customers rate their products vis-a-vis similar products available on the market. VOConline has access to a 150,000 diverse and willing evaluators in Club VOC to make such a program highly successful.

Club "Inc." Programs - VOConline can build your very own Club of evaluators to give you feedback on your products. We tap your existing customers to build a pool of evaluators who have a vested interest in giving you feedback.

Marketing Programs - As part of its expanded service offering, VOConline now provides a range of marketing vehicles to help you drive awareness and merchandise your whitepaper and product evaluations with tangible results.

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